Plastic Moulding Solutions

Every time we receive a customer enquiry it starts a process of many parts and nearly all enquiries have a different manufacturing solution.

The start of process is to choose the most cost effective plastic for the application as there may be a better alternative available that the customer did not consider. There are many factors to take into account regarding the final application, such as chemical resistance, operating temperature, operating pressure, colour, dimensional tolerance, machinability, texture finish etc.

Some moulded parts need to have specially formulated plastic materials. One example would be carbon impregnated nylon for electrical conductivity. A second example is a special soft plastic which can be made to change the shape of a bicycle grip to suit the contours of the riders’ hands


over-mould pic 3
over-mould pic 4
over-mould pic 5

Overmoulding is another important solution as this is a very cost-effective way of producing the final part. The above-mentioned bicycle grip is over moulded on to a machined aluminium component.

Another example of over moulding is a surgical knife that is used during an autopsy. These can only be used one time to prevent cross contamination.

Over moulding rubber seals is a particularly good solution when normal seals are problematic. Multi cavity tools can be used in over moulding as shown by the sheep tags sample below.

Part cost is of course one of the driving factors and choosing the best material has to be done with care. The plastic has to be readily available, preferably made in the UK. Using a standard grade which Cademuir always has in stock can save lots of money.

Injection Moulding Services

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High & Low Volume

Our aim is to satisfy our customer needs no matter how large or small the batch quantities may be.

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When purchasing new moulding machines Cademuir Engineering has taken a decision to include a robot facility with each one and already we have seen a marked difference in manufacturing efficiency.

The ONA spark eroder is one of our latest aquisitions and allows us to produce much quicker and more accurate machining operations. Not only that but it allows us to make extremely intricate shapes that can't be done by any other means. This short video shows the power of the machine as it is removing metal from a tool steel block.

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