High and Low Volume Injection Moulding

Our aim is to satisfy our customers’ needs no matter how large or small the batch quantities may be. We have a dedicated formula for determining the price of our mouldings based on material content, moulding machine, moulding time and batch quantity. Using this formula, we are able to provide our customers with the most competitive costs no matter what the annual quantity may be.

Of course, tool design is one of the greatest factors in obtaining the best moulded part cost. Low volume products will invariably use single cavity tools whereas, high volume parts will most often use multi cavity tools.

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Sea Kayaking are world renowned for the design and durability of their high specification kayaking paddles. These are not only used in long distance expeditions but often used in white water competition. Cademuir mould the paddle blades and in this case the batch quantities are relatively small - in the region of three hundred.

Vanden Guitars are one of our customers who make exquisite hand-crafted acoustic guitars and mandolins. These instruments require eight separate moulded parts for their unique electronic pickup device which we supply in very small quantities - generally less than one hundred.

By contrast, we make sheep tags by the million and they are produced on multi cavity tools with up to forty impressions. For this customer we also mould and assemble the sheep tag applicator which is used on farms around the world.

Injection Moulding Services

Moulding solutions

Every time we receive a customer enquiry it starts a process of many parts and nearly all enquiries have a different manufacturing solution.

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When purchasing new moulding machines Cademuir Engineering has taken a decision to include a robot facility with each one and already we have seen a marked difference in manufacturing efficiency.

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