Manufacturing Robotics

When purchasing new moulding machines Cademuir Engineering has taken a decision to include a robot facility with each one and already we have seen a marked difference in manufacturing efficiency.

270S compact

Surprisingly, the manufacture of injection moulded parts can be quite labour intensive. For instance, the majority of tools use a sprue to feed molten plastic into the mould. After the part has been moulded and ejected from the tool the sprue needs to be removed. This has traditionally been done by hand, however with a robot this operation can now be done automatically without any labour requirement.

6kg, Greifer hochgefahren

The use of manual labour can be even more demanding when parts have internal screw threads as this requires an operator to manually unscrew the part off the tool. This is a dangerous and time consuming operation. All our robots can be fitted with air motors and programmed to unscrew the part off the tool. In some cases, to prevent damage to the moulding, more sophisticated stepper motors can be used and programmed to precisely locate the removal tool with projections on the moulded part.

Injection Moulding Services

Moulding solutions

Every time we receive a customer enquiry it starts a process of many parts and nearly all enquiries have a different manufacturing solution.

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High & Low Volume

Our aim is to satisfy our customer needs no matter how large or small the batch quantities may be.

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