On-Time Delivery

Shipping goods on time is one of the most important criteria our customers look for and one in which we excel. We have an almost 100% record in delivering products on time, even if this means working overtime to hit a delivery date.

Very often we will keep a small stock of parts, which we know from experience, our customer can easily run out of. For certain customers we also have agreements to hold a minimum stock for emergencies.


Kan Ban 239

Kan Ban

For our local customers we have a delivery van that makes regular trips to deliver directly to the warehouse or in some cases to the shop floor. This often includes the use of returnable packaging which is in line with our ISO 14001 policy and it also provides an excellent cost saving.

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Packing and distribution

Reducing lead times and handling is another cost saving which is achieved by drop shipping to the end user. Very often in these situations we will pack, label and prepare export documentation for parts being shipped to destinations around the world.

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Printing and labelling

Product identification is a key factor for many of our mouldings and this often requires fitting a label or printing directly on to the part. We have three methods of printing available:

Kiss marking with a rubber tampon - ideal for curved surfaces

Ink jet printing on a conveyor - is quick and easy and good for date coding

Full colour ink jet printing - provides excellent definition and a high-quality finish. Our new Mimaki printer can print directly onto plastic parts that are up to 50mm high, making this a very versatile machine. It has also proved very cost effective compared with pre-printed individual labels.