The Senior Management team have an extensive knowledge of the business and are instrumental in providing an exceptional customer service. As they are also shareholders in the company they are very much a part of its continuing growth and success.

Keith 227KB

Keith Sneddon, General Manager

After working over 30 years as General Manager and Director in the plastics industry Keith has a vast knowledge covering the whole spectrum of plastic moulded parts. Keith started with Cademuir in 2006 with the aim of growing the business and gaining new customers. All customer enquiries pass over his desk and he ensures we offer the best solutions and quote accordingly. The solutions may be to select the best type of plastic for the application, how to cost effectively design the moulding tool or how to manufacture and test an assembly.

Andrea 245KB

Andrea Laidlaw, Administration Manager

Andrea is the daughter of Colin McMillan, the founder of the business, and has been involved with Cademuir since 1996. When the business expanded to larger premises in Weavers Court, she took on more of an active role. Andrea, therefore, has first-hand experience of all aspects relating to the business administration. She runs all the front office procedures and is a trusted contact for all our customers and suppliers. Not only that but she also controls all our financial services from order acknowledgement to final delivery.

Marc 254KB

Marc Phaup, Production Manager

Marc started as an apprentice toolmaker with Cademuir and has now been with the company for over 20 years. He has grown with the business covering all departments and was promoted to Production Manager in 2015. Cademuir's production department operates 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday but will carry on until Saturday if we need be. Production not only covers moulded parts but also machined, printed and fully tested assembled parts.

Brian & Carol 227KB

Brian and Carol Walker, Directors

Brian and Carol have a wealth of experience in running a successful manufacturing business and bring this knowledge to the team. They purchased the business back in 2017 and have since invested heavily in new production equipment, computer software, and improvements to operating procedures. The business is now growing year on year and employing more people to cope with the additional customer demand.

Our Services

Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding is a means of mass producing simple or complicated parts quickly, efficiently and at very low cost. Such mouldings are used in every market sector around the world from simple toys to complex aerospace computers.

Injection Moulding services


Cademuir Engineering has its own dedicated toolroom which is staffed by experienced operators. It is capable of designing and manufacturing high quality complex tools to produce extremely accurate moulded plastic parts.

Toolmaking services

Precision Engineering

Precision engineering lies at the heart of our business and is responsible for the reputation and success we have achieved in the moulding industry. We strive to produce the best and most accurate products possible whether they be mouldings, assemblies or machined parts.

Precision Engineering services