Precision Machining

Toolmaking is a very precise art, it is time consuming, takes meticulous care and great skill. Therefore all our toolmakers and machinists understand the need for precision, it’s in their DNA.


Tool room pic 3

Of course, making moulding tools requires high quality machining but also precision assembly and scrupulous attention to detail. However, our machining skills are also used to produce accurate turned metal components for customers who don't have the equipment. A further, and much more common, operation is the machining of plastic mouldings as very often they need a second operation.

Spark erosion is another precision machining operation and we have a new machine to do this job. Machining by spark erosion allows us to make very complex shapes which would be impossible by milling or turning. It also works with such precision that we can remove microns of material at a time as well as producing range of textured finishes for the final moulding.