Our Background and History

Cademuir Toolmaking Ltd. was started in 1979 by Colin McMillan, in a small workshop in Selkirk, focusing on the manufacture and repair of plastic injection moulding tools. Everyone asks where the Cademuir name came from and it refers to a prominent hill which overlooks Peebles. The new logo reflects this hill and its heather colour.

The business quickly expanded to include injection moulding machines to manufacture the plastic parts and the operation moved into larger premises at St. Mary’s Mill in Selkirk. Not satisfied with just moulded products the company invested in more CNC machine tools to satisfy a market for machined components

It then moved to Weavers Court in 2000 were it continued to grow over the years in both revenue and reputation until 2017 when Colin decided to retire.

Brian and Carol Walker had known Cademuir Toolmaking Ltd. for many years and when they heard it was for sale, they decided to buy it. Shortly afterwards the trading name was changed to Cademuir Engineering Ltd in order to broaden the product offering. Since then, it has invested heavily in new moulding equipment and been able to increase its year-on-year growth.

In 2020 more space was required to expand so it has been decided to build a new 26,000 sq. ft. factory on the Tweedbank Business Park and should this be completed in 2022.

Our Services

Injection Moulding

Plastic injection moulding is a means of mass producing simple or complicated parts quickly, efficiently and at very low cost. Such mouldings are used in every market sector around the world from simple toys to complex aerospace computers.

Injection Moulding services


Cademuir Engineering has its own dedicated toolroom which is staffed by experienced operators. It is capable of designing and manufacturing high quality complex tools to produce extremely accurate moulded plastic parts.

Toolmaking services

Precision Engineering

Precision engineering lies at the heart of our business and is responsible for the reputation and success we have achieved in the moulding industry. We strive to produce the best and most accurate products possible whether they be mouldings, assemblies or machined parts.

Precision Engineering services